Plant Design


New Aces Plant design

The New Aces plant was built for the future. The founders were determined to build whatever was necessary to foster innovative processes throughout the entire cycle, from top to bottom. Since New Aces was constructed from scratch, the partners had the opportunity to design and build from a blank, fresh start. The partners threw all previous restrictions and traditional obstacles to the wind and went with their own vision.

Design & Build

New Aces Plant design

The plant is designed to receive inshell pecans, process, and provide cold storage and pasteurization capabilities. It can handle receiving, storage, pasteurization, shelling, sorting and packaging. It is a turnkey operation, specifically designed to produce exceptional quality at every point of the process.

“We were looking to do it properly from the start, over the years I’ve learned that if you’re going to do it, do it right the first time.”
- John Potter, Partner

Continuous Flow

New Aces Pecan Continuous Flow

The plant is built on a segregated continuous flow model, which is highly efficient and produces less waste, while driving food safety.

  • Requires less product handling = increased food safety
  • Produces less product mill loss
  • Quick problem-solving process
  • Faster finished-product delivery

“We’re committed to finding the best way to do everything a little better each and every day. More efficient, cleaner and better — sometimes those are big ideas, and sometimes they are little ideas — and often the best ideas come from our employees. When that’s the case, we have buy-in from everybody involved.”
– Louis Biad, Partner

New Aces Pecan Company
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