Trust. Quick Payments. Experience. Understanding.

The grower relations department is based on trust, timely payments and years of experience in the field. Our growers know New Aces provides honest weights, honest grades and quick payments. Our grower relations team, led by pecan veteran Paul Koenig, is made up of good, loyal people — just like our growers.

Pecan Growers Map

We’re committed to sourcing pecans in their natural habitat: The Southwestern growing regions of New Mexico, eastern Arizona, western Texas and northern Mexico. We source from the most trusted, longstanding pecan growers. The Southwest’s low humidity levels allow producers to utilize safer field processes and far fewer cultural practices, including the use of fewer pesticides and herbicides. There are more than 100 varieties of pecans, but New Aces primarily sources Western Select varieties.

Paul Koenig, Grower Relations

Growers, we would be pleased to give you a plant tour. Please contact Paul Koenig and his Grower Relations department by emailing or calling Paul directly (575) 644-0125.

“If we quote a price and then the market drops, we will honor that price. Once the crop is in, we make sure the growers approve the sample before payment to check for any differences. We work with our growers and work through the differences as quickly as possible so that they can get paid.”
– Paul Koenig, Grower Relations

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